About Aimer Shama and Jobs for Gamers

I am just a recent college graduate that failed to ever find a fitting job, and failed to keep the crappy ones that I did find. I turned to gaming as a way to kill time until I had found a job. But as a few years passed, I got more addicted to games and found it even harder to get a job, so I decided that I am tired of waiting for someone to make money off me for table scraps and took a leap of faith in order to make money on my own.

That decision was amazing. To my astonishment, I found success and fame faster than I thought possible. Apparently, we spend so much time and effort gaming and developing gaming skills that when applied to the real world give us such an unparalleled advantage compared to other people.

I created this blog to help others find the success that I thought would be extremely hard for a gamer to ever find. Whether or not you are a gamer too, I will show you how success and money-making are still possible without having to rely on anyone but yourself, which usually results in more money than employment could ever offer.

Aimer Shama


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