This blog is not made to make money. It is made so that YOU can.

I have tried blogging for money before. In my experience, blogging for money is like mining for gold. The only problem is that it is like mining for gold in today’s age! It is literally like grabbing a shovel and digging in random places in the desert hoping to make money of a shiny rock.

Seriously, when I tried to do what other successful bloggers said I should try to do, find a niche that I like, write about it and hope I get enough viewers to actually make money with ads, it failed completely. There isn’t much that I like that isn’t already written about out there. There isn’t a niche that the market actually needs that I would have enjoyed writing about.

I decided to switch my take on making money a little. Okay, I enjoy writing, but maybe writing isn’t the answer to actually get you anywhere. Not everyone can hit the jackpot with writing or other arts including writing, singing, painting…etc.

But when it comes to what you can directly sell, a service or a product, it is entirely a different story.

If you are serious about making money at the moment, what you should do is SELL something, and after that when you have enough money and time, start practicing your art simply because you enjoy it, not to make money. However, if make money it does one day, then it will be the kind of money that is nice to have, not the kind that you NEEDED to have, because art rarely comes out good when it comes out but out of need.

Have you thought about an actual product or service you could sell today?


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