Not getting a job? Hire Yourself!

Do not get me wrong by that title, employment is incredibly important. However, it so no longer that great an option. That is especially the case in the so called white collar sector such as business management, engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, research…etc.

The human resource market is brutal. For every position, especially if basic, there are a hundred people applying. And when you DO get a job, you are barely covering your expenses. Could you take it for long enough to have the chance to get promoted? Usually not if you’re a gamer. You’re surrounded by so much social awkwardness and work politics that you will find it hard to get by unless it is a fair and just utopia that only judges by work performance (and you will be the best).

The Situation with Gamers

Gamers are peculiar; you put them in a position and they are guaranteed to outwork all others, yet they lack the charisma or social street-smarts to actually get by (in normal circumstances). Most promotions happen to a completely different kind of people: those who are good at pretending to be good.

It is just that most people do not have the courage, intelligence or willingness to make money with a different path than the vast majority. However, for a gamer, that is not usually an option unless s/he is so lucky to land a job right in a field s/he likes with comfortable working hours and with an another hobby they actually enjoy.

But for many of us, especially the lot addicted to MMO’s, RPG’s, MOBA’s and put some 10 hours or more a day in escape, that option is long gone. We have been rendered, whether intentionally or unintentionally unemployable.

My Story

Take me for example; I lost my parents during my second year of college. As a consequence, my mental state was devastated, helped by the fact that even my closest relatives would not support me. By support I do not mean financially. Far from it, for I really lacked any kind of emotional support for months on end. I was left to rot in my bed room, left to ponder the point of life and existence itself.

But in the end, I graduated in seven years of college rather than five. It hurt like hell seeing my colleagues being handed their masters’ degrees while I was just getting a measly B.Sc. It did not end there, for two years afterwards, any employer looking at my CV would see a guy who was too dumb to finish his college in the five given years and finished at seven. I never got hired in a respected company. Just some start-ups with low pay, or company with well known employment rights issues and high turnover. I decided to study HR. Effortlessly took a diploma in 6 months. STILL GOT NO JOB

It was actually pretty funny; even the internships I applied for (working for free for the great honor of getting experience from BIG Corp. Ltd.) were a failure. I did not aim high for an international internship; just local stuff. People had the audacity of actually saying that I do not meet their qualifications. For an internship.

So what was I supposed to do? I was stuck in a loop; to get a job I needed experience. To get experience, I needed a job. Since I had neither, I decided to start a business. To my surprise, it is actually doing amazingly well for being a zero cost start-up.

The Zero Cost Business!

The only way out for all of us trapped in unemloyment is to start doing business. This is a choice that you have, unless of course, you are this guy. Curious how to start your own zero cost business? All you need to do is think of something you can sell that does not require you to buy or retail anything. Start with freelance websites such as . If that takes too long, does not pay enough, or you never get hired (you will probably have millions from India competing with you), create a website, buy some facebook ads, and watch the magic happen.

Trust me, every dollar you earn that way will make all the gold you ever farmed in your latest game seem meager by comparison. Do not have any abilities you can sell? Learn one. There are tons of free courses you can use.

This dream is only a click away.

Do not wait to get hired.

Hire-YOUR-self !!



  1. legitgamereviewers · May 1, 2015

    Reblogged this on legitgamereviewers.


  2. legitgamereviewers · May 1, 2015

    Great read 🙂


  3. omarbanzai · May 3, 2015

    Would love to read more on how you started your business and how it went for you on both a professional and personal level. Keep up writing!

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    • Aimer Shama · May 7, 2015

      Thanks for the wonderful comment 🙂 please check out my latest post and tell me when you think. Coming up: what business should I start!!


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