Gamers and Motivation to Make Money

We gamers are an interesting bunch. Most of us put hours and hours of effort leveling up, chasing goals and making in-game money. But when it comes to the real world, we are at a loss. The real world is not as structured as a game. Nobody set any rules or boundaries, and it is like a very long drawling and boring sandbox.

But why? What is it that makes us put all that effort into chasing imaginary items, currency or achievements, yet none at all try to get anything real?

It is structure. The rules are set and the possibilities are limited in a game. There is an end to how far you can go and how much you can do. Feelings stuck? Check a guide. Found a problem? Report a bug… A sense of accomplishment drives you when you get that new weapon or shiny trophy. But in the real world, the work is much harder, it takes a lot longer, and the rewards are much slimmer.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

Here is a way you can use gaming to your advantage. Start-ups usually take months to make money, or even break even. Do you know how you can kill the time while waiting for your business to pick up? You guess it: Gaming. Where others will give up because they have waited weeks for a single customer and gave up hope, you will get on with your life and only feel like you have waited a day or two. Games give you something to do.


Be the light in the darkness of gaming


Start motivating yourself by answering these question:

1- If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them? The answer to this question gives you your main motivation and key to start making money. They may not have to be material possessions. Perhaps you would like to secure your future or that of your family. Maybe you want to start investing to make even more money. Or even your dream is to live in a cottage in a Caribbean Island for months on end. Whatever your dream is, let it motivate you to make it a reality.

2- If you were sure you could make a million dollars, how many hours a day do you plan to work? Unlike others who claim you need to be prepared to put in some ten hours a day, including weekends and off hours; they are lying. You do not need to work this long. I am getting good revenue with 4-6 hours a day and they are flexible. Even if there’s any day when I don’t feel like working, I go out with friends, and there is no guilt or punishment whatsoever. They beauty of working whenever you want is that you will find yourself effortlessly putting more hours into what you’re doing, especially when you reach that point of finding that the reward is immediate, not having to wait for a salary, just like receiving gold in a game!

3- What is it besides gaming that you could do? The answer could lie in something much simpler than you think. For example, all my time spent reading, talking, writing in English in games and MMO’s made me really good at the language. So I decided that I will simply be an English teacher. I did that physically in centers and schools for a couple years. But recently, I decided to switch to a thing of my own. Not only did I earn my freedom, I am also making a lot more money, whenever and I like and with whatever pace I choose.

4- Is what you like doing something you could sell? If you answered question 3 by saying gaming, music, writing or watching movies, you are probably screwed. Those hobbies are not the kinds that pay off with a small business or the short term with the majority of people. Any entertainment hobbies require an immense amount of dedication. But what is out of your hand is the luck, talent and connections to make it as, say, an actor, musician, or novelist. The only time you can afford to take gaming or writing to a level of actual money making, you need to have something a lot more solid that can make money first, or your current lack of capital will always get you down. Think of buying and selling products or services online. That is the best way to go.


As you can see, it is a lot simpler than you thought. Do not put yourself down, especially that society probably sees you as a loser.

Prove to society that it is wrong about you, and plan your small business today.


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