This blog is not made to make money. It is made so that YOU can.

I have tried blogging for money before. In my experience, blogging for money is like mining for gold. The only problem is that it is like mining for gold in today’s age! It is literally like grabbing a shovel and digging in random places in the desert hoping to make money of a shiny rock.

Seriously, when I tried to do what other successful bloggers said I should try to do, find a niche that I like, write about it and hope I get enough viewers to actually make money with ads, it failed completely. There isn’t much that I like that isn’t already written about out there. There isn’t a niche that the market actually needs that I would have enjoyed writing about.

I decided to switch my take on making money a little. Okay, I enjoy writing, but maybe writing isn’t the answer to actually get you anywhere. Not everyone can hit the jackpot with writing or other arts including writing, singing, painting…etc.

But when it comes to what you can directly sell, a service or a product, it is entirely a different story.

If you are serious about making money at the moment, what you should do is SELL something, and after that when you have enough money and time, start practicing your art simply because you enjoy it, not to make money. However, if make money it does one day, then it will be the kind of money that is nice to have, not the kind that you NEEDED to have, because art rarely comes out good when it comes out but out of need.

Have you thought about an actual product or service you could sell today?


My Business Somehow Succeeded!!

When I started this business, I could not help but feel skeptical at first. I was at a point in my life where everything I had tried failed. However, it seems like somehow I hit the jackpot. In just two months, the amount of requests I am getting is insane. I get about 10 calls and 50 emails a day of customers wanting to subscribe to my service. And I have no idea how or why.

All I know about how this might have happened is exactly three things:

1- I researched the market and found something to offer that was truly missing.

2- I swallowed my pride and decided to offer that seemingly menial service although I was originally supposed to be a doctor.

3- I offer my services for free at first, and a whopping 75% always choose to continue.

Looking back it is hard to believe I started this project on April the 25th 2015. Now, I have an office, employees, a happy consistent customer base, and waiting lists of hundreds awaiting my call. I am making so much money, all while strictly working online. I could keep this going anywhere in the world… and all while gaming any time I want…. Dota… HotS…. Diablo…. Hearthstone…. City sims…. I have everything I need.

What about you? Are you planning to finally start your own gamer friendly business yourself? Need advice on what it is that you should do?

Let me know in the comment section.

The Gold Maker’s Algorithm

Ladies and gentlemen, gamers and otherwise, I present to you a clear-cut logical and simple system that is guaranteed to help you take the right decisions for the future in the direction of making money and financial independence.

The gold maker's algorithm


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Aimer Shama

Not getting a job? Hire Yourself!

Do not get me wrong by that title, employment is incredibly important. However, it so no longer that great an option. That is especially the case in the so called white collar sector such as business management, engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, research…etc.

The human resource market is brutal. For every position, especially if basic, there are a hundred people applying. And when you DO get a job, you are barely covering your expenses. Could you take it for long enough to have the chance to get promoted? Usually not if you’re a gamer. You’re surrounded by so much social awkwardness and work politics that you will find it hard to get by unless it is a fair and just utopia that only judges by work performance (and you will be the best).

The Situation with Gamers

Gamers are peculiar; you put them in a position and they are guaranteed to outwork all others, yet they lack the charisma or social street-smarts to actually get by (in normal circumstances). Most promotions happen to a completely different kind of people: those who are good at pretending to be good.

It is just that most people do not have the courage, intelligence or willingness to make money with a different path than the vast majority. However, for a gamer, that is not usually an option unless s/he is so lucky to land a job right in a field s/he likes with comfortable working hours and with an another hobby they actually enjoy.

But for many of us, especially the lot addicted to MMO’s, RPG’s, MOBA’s and put some 10 hours or more a day in escape, that option is long gone. We have been rendered, whether intentionally or unintentionally unemployable.

My Story

Take me for example; I lost my parents during my second year of college. As a consequence, my mental state was devastated, helped by the fact that even my closest relatives would not support me. By support I do not mean financially. Far from it, for I really lacked any kind of emotional support for months on end. I was left to rot in my bed room, left to ponder the point of life and existence itself.

But in the end, I graduated in seven years of college rather than five. It hurt like hell seeing my colleagues being handed their masters’ degrees while I was just getting a measly B.Sc. It did not end there, for two years afterwards, any employer looking at my CV would see a guy who was too dumb to finish his college in the five given years and finished at seven. I never got hired in a respected company. Just some start-ups with low pay, or company with well known employment rights issues and high turnover. I decided to study HR. Effortlessly took a diploma in 6 months. STILL GOT NO JOB

It was actually pretty funny; even the internships I applied for (working for free for the great honor of getting experience from BIG Corp. Ltd.) were a failure. I did not aim high for an international internship; just local stuff. People had the audacity of actually saying that I do not meet their qualifications. For an internship.

So what was I supposed to do? I was stuck in a loop; to get a job I needed experience. To get experience, I needed a job. Since I had neither, I decided to start a business. To my surprise, it is actually doing amazingly well for being a zero cost start-up.

The Zero Cost Business!

The only way out for all of us trapped in unemloyment is to start doing business. This is a choice that you have, unless of course, you are this guy. Curious how to start your own zero cost business? All you need to do is think of something you can sell that does not require you to buy or retail anything. Start with freelance websites such as . If that takes too long, does not pay enough, or you never get hired (you will probably have millions from India competing with you), create a website, buy some facebook ads, and watch the magic happen.

Trust me, every dollar you earn that way will make all the gold you ever farmed in your latest game seem meager by comparison. Do not have any abilities you can sell? Learn one. There are tons of free courses you can use.

This dream is only a click away.

Do not wait to get hired.

Hire-YOUR-self !!

Gamers and Motivation to Make Money

We gamers are an interesting bunch. Most of us put hours and hours of effort leveling up, chasing goals and making in-game money. But when it comes to the real world, we are at a loss. The real world is not as structured as a game. Nobody set any rules or boundaries, and it is like a very long drawling and boring sandbox.

But why? What is it that makes us put all that effort into chasing imaginary items, currency or achievements, yet none at all try to get anything real?

It is structure. The rules are set and the possibilities are limited in a game. There is an end to how far you can go and how much you can do. Feelings stuck? Check a guide. Found a problem? Report a bug… A sense of accomplishment drives you when you get that new weapon or shiny trophy. But in the real world, the work is much harder, it takes a lot longer, and the rewards are much slimmer.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

Here is a way you can use gaming to your advantage. Start-ups usually take months to make money, or even break even. Do you know how you can kill the time while waiting for your business to pick up? You guess it: Gaming. Where others will give up because they have waited weeks for a single customer and gave up hope, you will get on with your life and only feel like you have waited a day or two. Games give you something to do.


Be the light in the darkness of gaming


Start motivating yourself by answering these question:

1- If you had a million dollars, what would you do with them? The answer to this question gives you your main motivation and key to start making money. They may not have to be material possessions. Perhaps you would like to secure your future or that of your family. Maybe you want to start investing to make even more money. Or even your dream is to live in a cottage in a Caribbean Island for months on end. Whatever your dream is, let it motivate you to make it a reality.

2- If you were sure you could make a million dollars, how many hours a day do you plan to work? Unlike others who claim you need to be prepared to put in some ten hours a day, including weekends and off hours; they are lying. You do not need to work this long. I am getting good revenue with 4-6 hours a day and they are flexible. Even if there’s any day when I don’t feel like working, I go out with friends, and there is no guilt or punishment whatsoever. They beauty of working whenever you want is that you will find yourself effortlessly putting more hours into what you’re doing, especially when you reach that point of finding that the reward is immediate, not having to wait for a salary, just like receiving gold in a game!

3- What is it besides gaming that you could do? The answer could lie in something much simpler than you think. For example, all my time spent reading, talking, writing in English in games and MMO’s made me really good at the language. So I decided that I will simply be an English teacher. I did that physically in centers and schools for a couple years. But recently, I decided to switch to a thing of my own. Not only did I earn my freedom, I am also making a lot more money, whenever and I like and with whatever pace I choose.

4- Is what you like doing something you could sell? If you answered question 3 by saying gaming, music, writing or watching movies, you are probably screwed. Those hobbies are not the kinds that pay off with a small business or the short term with the majority of people. Any entertainment hobbies require an immense amount of dedication. But what is out of your hand is the luck, talent and connections to make it as, say, an actor, musician, or novelist. The only time you can afford to take gaming or writing to a level of actual money making, you need to have something a lot more solid that can make money first, or your current lack of capital will always get you down. Think of buying and selling products or services online. That is the best way to go.


As you can see, it is a lot simpler than you thought. Do not put yourself down, especially that society probably sees you as a loser.

Prove to society that it is wrong about you, and plan your small business today.

Can you be a gamer… and rich?

The Stereotype:

The stereotype goes like this: a stay at home geek who does nothing all day long but play video games, killing 16 hours a day of his life in what feels like only 3 or 4. He does not work and is probably living off his parents or unemployment support from the government.

The Question:

Now the questions is: can such a person be rich without drastically altering the lifestyle that he enjoys so much?

The answer is a strong resounding YES!

How can that be? First of all, one is to completely cross out all the moneymaking options that forces this person into uncomfortable social situations. Most gamers, including myself, find it awkward to be surrounded by people or co-worker who do not have any idea or get what I like or makes me tick. Even if I’m with a group of friends or a bunch of relatives, I find it embarrassing to cut my time short because I’ve got some gaming to do. They do not get that, most people in modern societies see gamers as losers, and they’re right to think that, because we gave them that impression by the majority of us having to be poor and living as a liability on our families or societies.

It doesn’t have to be this way

However, there is a way out. It does not have to be this way. I have already left the shackles of being associated with failure and poverty, and I am starting to make money. As I was saying, you just need to eliminate the money-making options that require a lot of contact with people, be it a boss, co-worker, partner…etc.

The Solution:

So what options are left when you do that?

It is safe to divide all legitimate money making endeavors into four categories:

1. Employment

2. Self-Employment

3. Business

4. Investment

If you are to eliminate from the above that which you cannot do from home, right from the very room with which you game so much, what would it be? The answer is just one thing: Employment.

Without the option of employment, you are not missing out on much. There are hardly people around anymore who could say they are employed and rich. The 90% of most societies who are either poor or average fall into that category. Being a gamer kind of caused you to dodge the bullet of falling into the employment trap.

You are left out with the best options of the modern age: Self-Employment, Business and Investment. You probably find that self-employment and investment fall naturally into that category. But what is it that includes business in this kind of lifestyle? The answer stems from what we perceive as business. Let us look and define the four categories better.

In a nutshell:

Employment: To work for a company/business for a fixed payment.

Self-employed: To have your own business that you either do single-handedly or supervise.

Business: To own a business that makes money on its own with minimum supervision.

Investment: To pay some money now for the hope of getting more than what you paid in the near or late future.

The Cashflow Quadrant

So the businessman who runs a company does not actually fall in the money-making category of business. He is actually self-employed. Yet the gamer friendly options of self-employment, business and investment, rely on those things you could do to make a lot of money on your own. An independent businessman, one-man-company, or you can even call it a one man show. At best, you can have 3 or 4 partners who are also likely to be gamers (or family) to help you out.

The Conclusion:

A gamer could find great prospects for success if he follows an independent money-making path that which he could do absolutely on his own and in some cases with very small groups of people.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding more articles and how-to about how this can be achieved, inspired from my overnight success with my own business, or you can go ahead and start researching businesses that you can run from your computer without having to leave the luxury of your gaming life.

You may be wondering why I’m doing this. The answer is simple: I’ve been through a lot of hard times and suffering, and after succeeding of getting myself–as a gamer–out of the hellhole of poverty, I wish to help other gamers find success as well so that they do not have to suffer as I did.